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Articles from the media - Courtesy SaiBaba News

Articles about the Inter Religious Symposium 'The Role of Religions  in Building a Nation and Creating a Caring Society' organised by the  Regional Secretariat of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation in Sri Lanka on July 7, 2003.

The role of religions in creating a caring society Published in Daily News, Sri Lanka, 5 July 2003

Sathya Sai Seva inter religious symposium today Published in Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka, 7 July 2003

Only hearts and minds of people can bring unity, nation building -  Ranil Published in The Island, Sri Lanka, 9 July 2003

Excerpt from an article published in:

Nov. 17 2003 Issue

Faith & Healing
Can religion improve health? While the debate rages in journals and  medical schools, more patients ask for doctors' prayers
By Claudia Kalb

... Dr. Kailash Nath Kanwar, former head of research and development  for the Indian arm of a U.S. pharmaceutical company, was deeply  skeptical of the power of meditation before his wife  persuaded him  to visit a swami outside Bangalore. Racked with back pain, Kanwar  spent nearly a month at an ashram with the guru Sai Baba, meditating  and following a strict vegetarian diet. When he returned to New  Delhi, his back pain disappeared. Now he's a true believer, and has  since visited Sai Baba twice more. "We know very little about  spirituality," says Kanwar, 79. "It's beyond explanation but it's very potent." ...

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