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A Report by Sai Youth, Hyderabad

Sai Ram Brothers,

With HIS divine blessings and grace we were able to complete the final part of the Grama Seva Maha Yagna. The finale involved the  congregation of AP Youth in Prasanthi Nilayam, staying there for 3 days, celebrating the Avatar Declaration Day, staging a dance ballet and participating in a AP cultural rally.

Over 8000 youth from all 23 districts of AP were present. Accommodation, canteen coupon allocation, some security and seating arrangement were all handled by our Youth. Imagine, 20 sheds for accommodations, and reams & reams of food coupons for meals, tiffins etc. (!!) It was both fun and hectic.

On Oct 19th, Bhagawan allowed us to stage a "Yuva chaitanya Vahini" rally. Various tribal dances like chakkabajana, kollatam were featured. RR Dist had a burrakatha as their cultural item. About 1000 youth from all 23 districts of Andhra were present. Essentially, the procession highlighted our Grama Seva Pallaki Utsavam. All our young brothers sung Pallaki songs full throated. We even had a musical band from Vijayawada for the rally. To add to the festivities, our own Hyd youth conducted the evening Bhajan . Swami, spent the entire time being seated on the dais. HE passed many a comments to Mr. Anil Kumar, viewed the cultural displays with childish interest and finally blessed the entire Youth community with abundant love.

On Oct 20th, Bhagawan kindly consented to have 2 of our seniors speak: YC and Balachandra. Both were short and sweet, and requested
Bhagawan for HIS divya sandesham. HE answered our prayers and allowed us to stage our dance drama. Speeches by our brothers and the dance drama were well received. Bhagawan was quite visibly moved. HE poured his love on to us in disproportionate amounts to the size of our activity. HE committed himself to a private session with the youth in Poorna Chandra. HE said that the youth should continue their Grama Seva activity... and that they should spread this messsage of the Drama throughout rural Andhra. "I forgot myself... words can not express the joy I feel... along with your hands your hearts have also been transformed" were the sweet praises showered by our beloved. 

On Oct 21st, Swami, troubled himself, and spoke to the Youth continuously for more than an hour. Then, due to the insistence of Arun(SWAMI Student), Swami sat down and made Arun speak. While Bhagawan's speech focused on HIS childhood, Arun's talk impressed upon us the importance of being associated with Bhagawan and HIS mission. "Don't be thinking of yourself as 23 districts, think of yourself as 1 AP Youth force' was the remark by Arun.

All in all, the Grama Seva Maha Yagna, had a fitting conclusion in Prasanthi Nilayam. Bhagawan's abundant grace was not only very evident but refreshingly rejuvenating to the assembled youth. It was indeed a exceptionally good "purnahuti" to our Grama Seva Maha Yagna.

Jai Sai Ram,

Sai Youth, Hyderabad

Posted by Gangadhar Sarma on 23-10-2003