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Posted by Jay Sai Ram on 23.1..2003 – 12.51 h MEZ

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Sai,

Sri Sai Ram

Wishing to all an holy and joyous Baba Birthday!

Our beloved Bhagavan arrived at 7.25h in Sai Kulwant Hall and granted two big rounds of Divine Darshan by car.

At the end of His bright Divine Discourse He was singing “Sai Bhajana Bina Suka Shanti Nahi” as an special sweet to our hearts.

Jay Sai Ram

Posted on 17th November, 2003 by Vickie and lovingly consented by April

----Original Message-----
From: Sai Sister in Puttaparthi
Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2003 3:34 AM
Subject: Some Darshan descriptions

Here all is fine. Birthday is only a week away, and crowds are noticeable increasing. Anantapur girls are here, as well as Brindavan boys and of course, all of our Parthi students. Many familiar faces are showing up. Excitement and anticipation is in the air!

Swami continues the same routine of Darshans (with irregular timings), and continues to slowly, slowly improve walking. Still He is only walking a few steps, with a limp.

It is charming to see the routine in the mornings. After Swami goes in for lunch (during bhajan arathi), Sathyajit comes running from the Poornachandra. He runs around the outside of the compound, lady's side, then in via the back lady's gate (nearest to the old Ice Cream shop). He dashes into the kitchen (near to Krishna relief on the wall), the door of which isn't locked. Perhaps Swami wishes him to be there for lunch!

When Swami comes out 15-25 minutes later, Sathyajit is holding Swami's hand and helping Him to walk. Swami slides into the car seat next to the driver, then Sathyajit leans over and positions Swami's legs in the car. Next, Sathyajit puts his hands under Swami's arms and pulls Swami up in the seat, so He's sitting straight.

Seeing that Swami is comfortable and well positioned, Sathyajit then closes the car door and opens the back car door, and sits in the seat behind Swami.

Often, one of Swami's brother's two daughters (who sit near to the path of the car, just beyond the verandah), gets up. Swami will have the car stop while He talks to them. There is no sign at all of their mother, the widow of Swami's brother. One day, Swami called for an assistant and asked that apples be brought. Then He handed an apple each to the two daughter of his brother, and one apple to a granddaughter who was also with them.

While going out, Swami often raises His hand in blessing, smiling gently. On some occasions, He briefly stops the car just before leaving the hall, to talk to some VIP lady. Otherwise, there is no chance for anyone to talk to Swami, give Him letters or get interviews (except, of course, for the gents who sit on the verandah). Even when coming for Darshan, Swami goes on the same wheelchair-isle route, not the straight route of ladies. And of course, it has been ages since He ventured onto the gents side to give Darshan.

Posted on 17th November

Subject: Parthi News - II


On 16th morning, Swamy came for Darshan about 7:30AM. These days darshan music soon gives way to Veda chanting. Swamy came in car and stood for a while near the railing after alighting. Then HE slowly went inside the interview room. The chanting continued, but without the sound system. It went on for one and a half hour during which time Swamy was inside the interview room. HE came out of that and went into the Mandir. Bhajan started at 9AM and went on for about half an hour. After Aarati Swamy went inside again and came out and left by car at 9:40AM to Poornachandra (PC).


Swamy emerged from PC at 3:30PM and drove to Mandir. Chanting was on. After about 20 minutes Swamy left for the Institute Auditorium, perhaps to supervise the Convocation drama. The Director is doing HIS favourite role! It was time for us to leave. When we came outside. People had lined up on either side of the road from Ashram Gopuram gate all the way up to the Institute Auditorium. We left before Swamy returned to Mandir.

ramesh k. sistla

Posted on 17th November

Subject: Parthi News

SaiRam Brother!

Last weekend (15th, 16th November) we were at Parthi by the grace of our beloved Swamy. I would like to share what I experienced there.

My seven month old daughter and eighty year old grandmother were making their debut at Prasanthi Nilayam. This was the first occassion they would get to see Bhagawan physically. So we took Saturday morning bus at Bangalore and reached Parthi by 12noon. After assuming our room in West-3 and finishing lunch, I came to know that Bhagawan is coming for darshan at about 3:30PM but didn't want to take that very seriously  (love MY uncertainity!!). So I was near the Kulwanth hall by 2PM. Usually lines are formed in the path leading to Museum from the Ashram.

There were no lines there. People were sitting near East Prasanthi and going in on a first-come-first-in basis. So I got in quite early and managed a vantage point from where I could see the chair Bhagawan would be sitting in. Sitting in Kulwanth hall and waiting for Swamy to emerge is a wonderful experience. I can see the negative thoughts first surfacing and then flying far off and the love of Swamy alowly but surely engulfing. I tell myself, in this majestic hall, the Avatar will enter shortly. Wow, hair stands on its end, as if this is the first time I am going to see God in flesh and blood! But then that is what Swamy calls we should have - Constant integrated awareness, awareness that we are divine. I think it is indeed a big deal. Being constantly aware that we are seeing God is challenge enough for us. But I am sure we are heading in the right direction, thanks to Swamy. I sit there thinking, contemplating, chanting and above all thanking Swamy for this chance to be here. I have managed to remember through the years what Swamy has said, that no one can enter Parthi and see Swamy unless HE wills it! So we all who get there have a duty to thank HIM. I sat thinking how Swamy would come in the car (I came to know from the web). At 3:40 PM, music started and all the faces turned west ward from where Lord enters the Kulwanth hall. The red Esteem (?) is in sight.... here it rolls further ..... and there the Lord with HIS characteristic halo and the robe! We have spotted him and now pay obeisances. And soon the music dies and a high pitched OM Ganaanaamtwa.... the Vedam boys have picked up and welcoming the Lord with Vedic chants. It will stir your soul if you are there. For once Sama vedam (the music Veda) has given way to others, I thought. The Lord drives through the ladies side quickly and the car comes right into the Mandir and goes behind the Ganesha, out of sight.

If you are facing Ganesha, Swamy sits to the left. HE got down from car, slowly, supported by the ever present three gentlemen, who I think are having the luckiest times of all their lives put together. Swamy slowly makes HIS way and stands holding the railing. Some boys stand up and go to HIM with trays that hold something (birthday boys?), HE lovingly blessed those trays and then assumed HIS seat. The veda chanting is on. Swamy is closing HIS eyes and listening to it. Oh what a sight. It is sight for the Gods to behold and we are treated to that sight. It made me feel, we often under estimate our own good fortune! I sat looking at Swamy, that Majestic and Charming Form that has captivated us... The boys are chanting in a very high pitch. The vibrations in the air are Divine. Whoever among us knows whatever little is also chanting loud. As it goes on, Swamy with HIS finger indicates that pitch has to rise further. And boys step up several notches. The chant contiues for about 45 minutes with Swamy sitting there. After about 45 minutes or so, Swamy asks the singers to go inside the Mandir. They follow HIS command and go there. Swamy briefly goes inside the interview room and then goes to the Mandir. Bhajans start. It goes for nearly half an hour. It is about 5:15PM. The Lord decides it is time to go back to HIS earthly residence. Aarati given and in the meantime the red car turns and is ready to carry the Lord back. Swamy went back as fast as HE came. We sat, thinking, thanking, contemplating, wondering ..... and happy that we have seen the greatest phenomenon of our times.

Mind couldn't stop feeling sad that perhaps those days in which Bhagawan used to walk to us and shower HIS grace are over. HE will continue to shower grace, perhaps more than before, but I do miss that lovely walk. Let us pray that those days are back again and soon. 

Lokah samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. Jai Sai Ram.

ramesh k. sistla

The Prayer of India:
lOkAh samastAh suKhinO bhavantu -- Let the entire world be in peace!