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Posted on 15th February, 2004

Sai Ram,

The mystery continues as God keeps us in suspense.
This morning Baba came out at 7:15, did a brief car darshan and went to the verandah where he gave a short darshan and went inside.

People went for breakfast and returned waiting for bhajans to start at 9:00.
No bhajans.
Arathi at 9:30 and Baba went to his residence. However, there was an unusual and loving vibration during this period.

Yesterday, the boys did their musical routine again for Baba. They recited things, played music and gave him papers. It was very devotional and loving. It was similar to what had been performed earlier.
Baba came out at 4:15, did car darshan and sat on the verandah as the boys did their thing. Baba left at 6:00.
The crowd is growing. Everyday dozens of buses are bringing people.
The nights are slightly cool with the days being slightly warm.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 14th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
Mysterious Baba
Yesterday morning after bhajans ended, Baba didn't leave the mandir for an hour.
Yesterday afternoon, Baba came out at 4:30. People were getting impatient, some even left. Finally, Baba makes his appearance giving car darshan in an S motion. This involves making a right as soon as he enters the hall going through the women's section then in front of them to the center turning right to go through the men's section.
After 15 minutes on the verandah, Baba had the boys start bhajans. He left by car going outside the ashram. He was gone for an hour which is unusual for late afternoon. Bhajans continued all this time.
Meanwhile, 30 minutes after leaving, Baba's car is spotted behind the mandir heading West. It was expected that the car would turn right and reenter the hall going down the driveway along the women's section and making a right. Wrong.
The car continued straight went along side the Poornachandra to Canteen Way. We know that he went to the North Blocks but where did he go for the rest of the half hour.
At any rate, Baba returned through the center driveway from Canteen Way.
He sat down for a few minutes, arathi was done and Baba went inside. An hour later, about 7:00, Baba went to his residence.
This morning Baba gave car darshan in the S motion. When he finished, he let it be known that he want the men and women who came from OOTY to come to the center area. I believe they are part of the seva unit for that area. He gave them an orange, vibhuti, a picture and a sari or cloth. This took over an hour to do. He spoke with them. He obviously was very pleased with all of them. It is always fascinating to watch Baba shower his love like this. Of course, it spills over. We all get it. Also, it was obvious how humble these people were and how deep was their devotion.
Taking Baba's example, I am going to have a stack of pictures made up. Whenever I want to show my deep appreciation to anyone, I will give him a picture of myself.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 13th February, 2004

Sai Ram
Baba has the boys filling us with chanting while he blesses us. His love permeates every inch of the hall, the ashram, the world.
Groups have arrived from Schrewbury, MA, Rochester,N.Y. Ecuador, Siberia and other parts of Russia. Of course, there remains plenty of Germans and Italians here.
The crowd is getting bigger as people arrive for Shivarathri.
It is uncertain, as it always is, what Baba plans are for going to Whitefield but anyone coming after the 20th should check as to where he is, especially on the 21st.
Two small monkies were playfully competing for food that was being dropped to them on the second floor shelf of East Prasanthi, when an adult monkey came and chased them away. He sat there waiting for the food.
The weather has cooled a bit which makes it more comfortable here.
A devotee with back and neck problems told me that many years ago, Baba appeared to him in his house, had him lie down on his stomach and worked on his back. It seems that Baba couldn't get rid of all his karma but gave him grace. Instead of being wheelchair bound or paralyzed, he is able to walk, etc. He has a mild case of a condition that could had left him much worse off. Baba's Grace.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 12th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
He came and he went. In between he created a lot of work and confusion. The Prime Minister of India had his two darshans with Baba. But police and security people were kept very busy. The entire ashram was give the once over more than once, the road from the airport was searched for bombs. the hall was gone over with a fine toothcomb and devotees were searched by two officers before being searched by the usual seva dals as they entered the hall.
There were men on the roofs and in East Prasanthi men on every floor as well as the roof. Men and women in and out of uniform patrolled the hall at all times.
The Prime Minister has been the target of terrorists. Andhra Pradesh is a hotbed for such activity. He stayed in the Srinivasan Guest House. Vehicle and pedestrian travel were restricted in certain areas.
Baba came out in his white car with the red car following giving brief car darshan. The white car left the hall and the red car came onto the verandah. Baba sat listening to the boys chant for awhile. Baba got into his car and left by the women's exit as though he was going to his residence except he didn't stop but kept on going.
As he did so, local and regional officials who had entered from the men's side entered the mandir and sat down on the women's side of the verandah. A female camera person entered from the women's side and set up a camera on the verandah by the interview room. As Baba fades off into the distance, the Prime Minister five cars came along the women's side driveway. The lead car stops at the entrance. The Prime Minister exit to enter the hall with his entourage of at least 20 people. They walk through the women's section to the verandah.
As they as doing so, Baba re-entered the hall through the center driveway. He entered the verandah from the men's side. The parties meet and go into the temple. They spent about 20 minutes with lots of pictures being taken. The PM leaves with his entourage and God goes home to his residence.
This morning Baba came out at 6:45 catching everyone by surprise. I think this is the earliest I have seen come out. He drove through the men's section to the verandah. A short time later, Baba left and the Prime MInister and his entourage came. As he entered the verandah, Baba re-entered the hall through the center driveway with the car moving faster than I have seen it in the hall.
The PM spent a long time with Baba. Finally exiting through the women's side.

He left at about 10:12 in an caravan consisting of about 25 cars including press and emergency vehicles.
It seems that he comes once a year to have Baba darshan. I understand that he has been a good PM, good for India.
The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh was suppposed to be here earlier but couldn't make it. I understand that he came at 8:pm yesterday. I am told that he spent the evening but I am not sure if that is correct as he wasn't at darshan this morning. He is a frequent visitor to Baba.
Never doubt where the center of the universe is.

Baba continues to demonstrate his divinity.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 11th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
Love and Devotion
This is what the college boys displayed to Baba for forty- five minutes yesterday. After Baba gave car darshan and came to verandah and sat down, the college boys recited, sung and gave Baba papers to show their devotion.
One boy at a time stood up to praise Baba, told how Baba changed his life and to thank him. Then another boy would so, followed by some songs that the boys wrote - not bhajans.
There were about 5 or 6 boys that did the reciting which was done in several different languages. The songs were done by all the boys in several different languages.
In-between the paper with a message on it was given to Baba.
All of this was praising Baba, his avatarhoood and thanking him for his love and care.
Also, that they wanted to serve him.
The ashram is loaded with police and all sorts of security measures as we await the arrival of the Prime Minister of India and the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
Security is heavy outside the ashram too.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 10th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
Baba has only given brief darshan in the last day and a half.
Yesterday morning Baba gave car darshan.

In the afternoon, about 2:00 Baba drove out of the ashram returning about 3:15 to his residence. He came to the Mandir - temple for bhajans. No darshan.
This morning he gave car darshan and stood by his chair for about 5 minutes blessing everyone. That's it.
The big news is that the Prime Minister of India is coming tomorrow. People are being questioned and security has increased. I have seen policewomen in uniform before. They wear pants. However, today was the first time, that I saw them in gold saris.
I am also told the Governor or chief minister of Andhra Pradesh is also coming.
I do not know why. But I suspect that some agreement between the country and the state has been reached and that they are going to announce it at a press conference after meeting with Baba. The agreement would have to deal with improving this area.
The weather has cooled a bit which is good news for us. How long it will stay cool is anybody's guess.
Gerald Dominick
Sai Ram,

Posted on 8th February, 2004

Baba is forever young.
Today he gave a car darshan and went onto the verandah for a short time. When he was walking away from the chair toward the temple, for a brief moment, he walked very quickly. It surprised me as he normally walks slow.
Baba is well, healthy, happy, and vibrant. All is well with the universe including the planet Earth and the Human Race. Things are well on other planes of existence.

Be HAPPY. Baba is taking care of us all.
There are about 35 people here from Iran.
Story: a Hindu resident here told this story at a lecture several years ago. He and three Muslims were called in for an interview. Baba asked one of them why he was so sad. He replied that he had to be here while his family was visiting Mecca. Baba pointed to a door on the wall and had the Muslim go through it. Forty -five minutes later he returned.

Baba asked if he had seen his family, he said yes. Was he happy? Yes.
About two weeks later the wife returned. The Hindu asked her about her trip to Mecca.

She said that suddenly her husband was there. He spent 9 days with her.
Another story which just happened. It was a week ago Friday, a devotee from Israel was preparing for the Shabbat when she heard someone next door singing Hebrew songs. She went to meet her. It turned out to be her kindergarten teacher who she has not seen in all those years. Another Baba's leela.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 7th February, 2004

Sai Ram,

Baba continues to use the white convertible.
This afternoon as Baba gave car darshan, he was stopped on the women's side by people from Singapore who requested interviews. They waved to the men who proceeded to the verandah. Baba gave brief car darshan, spent an hour and a half with the Singapore group and went into the temple for bhajans.
This morning Baba gave car darshan taking letter. At the start of the men's side, one man came running from about the tenth row with a letter. The seva dals were ready for him. He didn't get very far. At one point, the men almost got out of control. .
Baba went inside but at 8:30 went outside the ashram to return just at the start of bhajans.
The weather is warm or hot and humid. It looks like a warm month. But those of you who are coming be prepared for cool weather even though we will probably not get it.
There was a yagna today performed by J.K. supposedly with Baba's blessings. It was done on the Chitravatri River bed and was attended by several hundred people.
A story from an authentic source: A man who lives here and is known as the Judge and a long time devotee of Baba. About 20 years ago after becoming a widower, he was granted an interview. As he sat in the interview room, Baba introduced him to a woman who he said had been his sister in a previous life and that she would take care of him. She does. They call each other brother and sister.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 6th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
Baba remains ever amazing and loving and unpredictable.

As we waited for darshan with the clock ticking away and people wondering whether they will make it to breakfast in time, several people came out of Baba's residence. About five minutes later, the white convertible came around and Baba got in.
This morning Baba gave a nice car darshan. There was an elderly Indian man who required help from two men to get off the floor. He approached the car walking ever so slowly and unsteady pushing his way through the small crowd around the car. Baba took the long paper he had in his hands and listened while he spoke for quite a while, maybe a minute. I am not sure if Baba said anything.
Baba entered the verandah, came to the front where the chair was and blessed everyone with an upraised right hand. He went over to the women's side and did the same. Everyone was blessed. After a ten minute standing darshan, Baba went inside only to reappear a short time later to go out of the ashram for about 45 minutes. He returned just as bhajans started.
Yesterday afternoon was music day. At 3:15 Baba came out to the boys chanting. At about 4:00 some of the boys sung Indian classical music. Just before five, Baba went inside the temple where a group of people from Singapore had already been seated. They sang bhajans for 45 minutes. From what the men took in with them, it appears that they were planning on doing arathi to Baba too.
I have been told the inside and outside the ashram that there are several people who are experiencing vihbuti and amrit forming on their pictures.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 4th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
It was Heaven. The heavens descended upon the hall yesterday afternoon as some college boys sung and played music that transcended all levels. We were elevated to a higher plane only to be in that wonderful altered state of consciousness for over an hour.
Baba blessed us all.
If anyone is wondering about Baba's divinity since his hip incident, consider this: people are talking about how there has been a dramatic increase in the manifestation of vihbuti, amrit and other phenomenon in the past few months. Baba is ever with us and he is letting the whole world know that he is omnipresent.
Coming to a house near you - vihbuti, amrit and other signs of divinity. Maybe even your house. Ready?
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 3rd February, 2004

Subject: Baba's Health 2-3-04

There are many rumors going about concerning Baba's health. Mainly, they are that his condition is worsening. As far as I can see, Baba is as vibrant as ever doing more work in a day than any of us is capable of.

Please don't believe these rumors. When there are facts, I will let you know or someone in position to know will release a statement. But do not believe any rumors.

HOWEVER, as I thought about this and still believing as I do, I feel that it would be beneficial for Baba and the world if people prayed more between now and Shivarathri.

Gerald Dominick

Sai Ram,
Yesterday afternoon Baba sat on verandah for over an hour. For about 45 minutes, Anil Kumar gave a talk on the importance of the Vedas and why the college students have been reciting them for the past several months. Baba listened and made no comment.

It was a good darshan.
This morning Baba gave a brief darshan before taking a large group in for interview.
1995: A trusted source told me this story as he was here at the time. A man was diagnosed by several doctors as having throat cancer which could be treated only with an operation. He said no that he will go to Baba. Baba called him in, looked him in the eyes and said that his cancer was cured. Over a period of several weeks the cancer shrunk and disappeared.
I saw several puppies today and I know that there is at least one cat.
Gerald Dominick
Sai Ram,

Posted on 2nd February, 2004

Yesterday afternoon, the Governor of Karnataka, whose office is in Bangalore, visited Sai Baba. It was interesting that the music was playing indicating that Baba was coming but his car kept sitting there in the driveway. We kept waiting. Meanwhile, the governor's party came up the center driveway walking directly onto the verandah and I believe into the interview room. At that moment, Baba entered his car. He gave car darshan and when he reached the verandah went inside.
On the plaza where the center driveway reaches the gates were several official cars and about a dozen heavily armed policemen with cars who evidently escorted the governor.
This morning Baba gave a very thorough car darshan and proceeded to sit in his chair for awhile before going inside about 7:40. At 8:15 the students started singing Telegu songs and then bhajans. They ended with arathi at 8:50. There was silence for almost an hour as people waited for Baba to come out.
This story was told to me by a reliable source who witnessed this event. In 1999, a Russian 14 year old boy made the trip to Baba by himself. He entered the interview room every time, Baba gave an interview. He was not selected and was not refused. It turned out that he had been one of Sathya Sai's first devotees who evidently died and came back as a Russian.
Gerald Dominick
Sai Ram,

Posted on 1st February, 2004


Baba is Baba.

Watching Baba for the last few, I realized why women are closer to God than men.

Man vs machine: I watched as men using shovels dug ditches, laid electrical line, covered it and fix it like before. All of this was in a matter of days. With machines, I believe, it would had taken longer, been noisier and more expensive.

It amazing how fast the dirt disappeared by the Ganesh Gate as slate was laid down with cement. No machine. Westernize counties might learn something from the way things are done here.

Baba is giving darshan and glowing. He remains as unpredictable as ever but his love is strong and getting stronger. Your prayers are helping his hip to heal and consequently helping to create world peace.

We are on the verge of a great new world of brotherhood, peace and love. It is here but it just has to manifest as we will witness it happening in the next few years. are you ready?


Posted on 31st January, 2004

Posted on 31st January, 2004

Sai Ram,
Baba came out at 4:00 yesterday, gave a nice darshan for about forty minutes, went into the interview room and the temple before leaving after arathi.
This morning, Baba surprised us, once again, by coming out at 6:45. He took lots of letters and spoke with a few people from the car. After sitting on the verandah for almost an hour, he got into the car and went out of the ashram.
About 45 minutes later, I was walking along Canteen Way, when word came that Baba was coming. The seva dals were busy getting people to the side of the road and getting cars, rickshaws and bullocks out of the way. After 10 minutes, word came that Baba was back in the hall.
He had returned using the road that leads to the Poornachandra driveway and quietly came back to the mandir where he went inside. For bhajans, Baba was in the temple.

About twenty-five minutes after arathi, Baba returned to the Poornachandra.
Just after Baba sat down on the verandah this morning, I noticed several men looking behind me. There was a monkey sitting perfectly still on post on top of the roof.
It is clear that the actions of Baba can only be accounted for as those of divinity because no ordinary person could or would act in such a way.
As I look at Baba, it is clear that even sitting still, there is something so uniquely divine about him. His demeanor and his vibration all spells GOD.
Gerald Dominick
Sai Ram,

Posted on 30th January, 2004

Baba is as unpredictable as ever.

Yesterday morning, Baba came out at 7:20 drove around, went up onto the verandah and gave darshan. There were about 300 kids waiting for his darshan who were here because of the jubilee. Suddenly, he signaled for arathi, got into the car and went down the center driveway. At first, everyone thought he went out of the ashram but no.
As I was walking up Canteen Way about 15 minutes later there was Baba coming. First, there was the police jeep with sirens going and closely behind was Baba, with his windows up blessing everyone. I had a nice darshan and blessing.The seva dal and others scrambled to maintain order and keep the roadway open for Baba
The car kept going out of the ashram to points outside.Later Baba returned, went into the temple and went to the Poornachandra after arathi.
In the afternoon, Baba came out about 3:15, gave car darshan and went into the interview room until bhajans.
This morning, Baba came out at 7;15, drove around the men's section onto the verandah over to the women's side and back to the verandah. He went into the interview room. A short time later, Baba returned to the Poornachandra.
The weather has cooled off considerably here. Temperatures are more comfortable.
There is less of a crowd at the moment.
Did I see that? I was walking between W2 and W3 toward the rest rooms. When I thought I saw some monkies come out of the women's and gent's toilets. Could it be that these monkies are toilet trained?
For Omkar, men line up outside the VIP entrance at 4 a.m. They sit on the ground, four rows of ten people. The other morning, in the second row, second position, a small white dog slept with the other people around him. Eventually, the other people were let inside the hall, the dog was there alone. He opened his eyes, looked around and moved under the legs of people sitting on the wall waiting to sit on the bench.
Baba continues to shower his love on everyone. Even though the darshan maybe unpredictable, the energy, the vibration isn't. It is intense here. A great time to be here.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 29th January, 2004

Sai Ram,
Baba is fantastic. Baba once again showed his divinity.

To witness God in action is a privilege but to see his divinity in motion is Grace.
On the 27th and the 28th Baba celebrated the jubilee anniversary of two of his schools.

One in Alike and the other in Muddenahalli. Both in Karnataka. About a thousand students came from these schools to dance, play music and put on skits. All of these required lots of time and effort.
The hall was decorated. There was also two giant pictures on a large frame on each side of the hall showing the two campuses. There were flowers on the verandah and other decorations. The driveway in front of the Poornachandra was decorated with gold or yellow that gave a special effect as you looked up the driveway.
For two days - four darshans - the jubilee was celebrated. It started Tuesday the 27th morning with the Alike Band leading a procession from the Poornachandra to the center of the hall, followed by student and regular pundits chanting and Baba walking with assistance from the Poornachandra
Baba walked to the center when he decided it would be better to get into the red car, which was following him, to get to the verandah which he did by going through the men's section up the ramp.
The morning was filled with speeches by various people and a low keyed 30 minute discourse in Telegu by Baba, which was not translated into English even though Kumar was there - ready and able.
The next three darshans were filled with performances. Alike had a band, about 30 people, in a red and white uniform that played what sounded like some bhajans to a different tune.
There were dancing drummers, several dancers, chanters and performers
The finale was a performance of the life of the avatars including Shirdi. Finally, a tribute to Sai Baba and his accomplishments. There were flags from around the world and banners that listed some of the milestones in Baba's Avatarhood.
After the performance on Wednesday morning, Baba walked down the ramp into the midst of the band so they can have their picture taken with him. Others joined in as he stood patiently as various groups of performers surrounded him for the picture.
There was much confusion in doing this as it was unplanned. There was little manuevering room and the two or three people directing the kids where to go had their hands full. The kids didn't know what to do.
After the afternoon performance, there was a repeat of the same. Baba called the band up to pose with him on the verandah. After that, groups of about ten kids at a time were called up. It was confusing. The kids didn't know which way to go when they had their picture taken. Baba sat down for these pictures. They look at least a half hour.
But as always with Baba at the center of the confusion, it always turns out well.
His love for these kids and was evident.
It is Thursday. Many of the kids have already went home. The rest are going home today.
For two days, I saw divinity in action as Love permeated everywhere radiating from the source.

Sai Ram,

Posted on 26th January, 2004 (Evening)

1-26-04 Evening
Baba does it again and I love it.
This afternoon Baba came out at 2:15. Some of the men were seated. The others were in the process of being seated. There was a tremendous crowd and seating started earlier.

The women were not seated and rushed in as they learned that the car was in front of the PoornaChandra.
Baba drove straight to the center and made a left going down the center driveway. He toured part of the ashram and came back on Canteen Way and went into the community on Main Road. With sirens going, many people wanted to leave but didn't. I believe Baba went to the hospital. He returned up the center driveway, went onto the verandah and disappeared into the temple. By this time, everyone was there.
I am not sure but I believe he was talking to certain college boys inside.
At 4:30, bhajans started and ended shortly after 5:00. Baba went to the Poornachandra at that time.
There was no physical darshan but the energy was intense. The crowd was well behaved and patient. It was great being in this vibration.
Tomorrow 1-27-04 is Jubilee Day when two of Baba's schools will celebrate their 25th anniversary. There will be a special program in the morning.
People keep pouring in for this celebration and it has become crowded.

Posted on 26th January, 2004 (Morning)

I found out that on the 24th when Baba didn't give darshan, he had a meeting with teachers in the temple of the mandir.
Yesterday afternoon, Baba gave car darshan and then sat on the verandah for about 40 minutes. It was great darshan. It was about 3:45 when Baba went inside. I believe he saw some people. He caught everyone by surprise as we were all expecting to sit all afternoon with him as we had done the previous afternoons.
Bhajans started at about early and was over by 5:10.
Today is Republic Day. The crowd is huge. I don't know whether people are expecting something special or because it is a three day weekend. This morning Baba came about 7:00, gave car darshan and sat for a few minutes before going inside at about 7:40. Bhajans started early and was finished by 9:15
The weather is warmer. Nights are comfortable.


Posted on 24th January, 2004 (Evening)

Sai Ram.
The mystery of Baba. This afternoon Baba came out in his car at 1:45. Of course no one had been let into the hall yet. The car went down the center driveway, made a u-turn and came back up. The car went onto the verandah from the men's side. Baba exited and went into the interview room.
Meanwhile chaos reign as people clamored to get into the hall. The people that sit on the bench forced their way in and sat down. A special group waiting to go in by the VIP entrance was rushed in. The normal control line of entrance into the hall became unruly.
Eventually, everyone got in. The price was to sit there for hours without darshan.

At 4:45 bhajans started followed immediately by arathi with Baba getting into the car and leaving by 4:50.
God has his reasons.

Posted on 24th January, 2004 (Morning)

Sai Ram,
Baba remains Baba. He is golden, filled with love, radiating always and doing what God knows is best.
Yesterday afternoon we had another two hour darshan until 5:00. This was mostly the boys chanting with a finale of several bhajans. The energy level was incredible as Baba raised it a few notches.
I believe that as Baba sits there watching us, he keeps track of our spiritual temperature. When we are ripe, it is over. There is arathi and Baba leaves.
This morning car darshan was interesting in that Baba wasn't taking any letters but as he got to a certain point the car stopped. He signaled someone to come to the car and he repeated this twice more.
He had two different groups for interviews. People involved in the water project are here as well as some minister from Delhi.
Stories: I received these stories I trust to be reliable.
Yesterday, a Russian male stopped the car to tell Baba he loves him. He said all I want to say is that I love you. Baba says, how many? The Russian says I love you very very much. Baba says, How many? The Russian says all I want to say is I love you. A little boys standing there with him says He is asking you how many. The Russian says two - him and his wife. Baba smiles and moves on.
I met a man who was in charge of the military front between India and Pakistan 20 or 30 years ago. Pakistan had 21 tanks coming toward India. India had 7. It looked like India would be defeated and invaded. He got the idea to let the tanks past the point of the farthest range of the Indian tanks. When they all did, India opened fire behind the tanks. They thought they were surrounded and retreat. In their retreat all the tanks were destroyed. The General became a Baba devotee afterward. He said that only God could had protected India like that.
You might have read this one in a discourse from January 14, 2001. Pakistan was prepared to attack India. Baba was on the phone to the Prime Minister. He told him not to worry. Baba came out, delivered a discourse in which he stated that from that moment on there will be no war between those two countries and that no country will ever attack India.

One other comment that Baba made was that some day the rupee and the dollar will be equal. Also, that America needs all its Sai devotees. Note: the Indian economy is strong and is growing at a healthy pace.

Posted on 23rd January, 2004

Sai Ram,
Baba remains. The mystery of God as he walks about doing whatever he does for whatever reason.
Yesterday Baba came out after 3:00, giving car darshan and sat on the verandah for almost two hours as the boys chanted. It was heavenly to be in this vibration, watching Baba as he read the mail, talked to the boys and had them come front and centered to chant.
Baba often sits there listening. He provided great darshan. We get our souls cleaned, rinsed and dried.
Bhajans started at 4:30 and arathi was at 5:00.
This morning car darshan was interesting as Baba stopped several times to chat with devotees who had come to the car. He had people for interviews. About twenty minutes later, Baba went by car out the center driveway to, I believe, the hospital. He returned at 8:00. Seva-dals and security were in chaos as they did not know what he would do when he returned.
As he approached the Gopuram-Canteen Gates, which way would he go. Canteen Way had to be cleared in case he went that way. The car hesitated and up it went the center driveway through the Gopuram Gate. Everyone can relax again.
Just before bhajans, a group of about 30 women exited the interview room.
Twenty odd years ago, a man was in an interview with Baba. Baba waved his hand to show him what an instant photo was. It was of him. Baba was completely gold including his hair and gown. Many attempts have been made to duplicate the picture but all have failed. Even taking a picture of it has failed.
Rumors and stories: To my dismay, I am learning that even reliable sources here cannot be trusted. People stretch the truth, make up facts, and make claims to know things that they don't. I am talking about Westerners, about residents and staff. All info must be checked several times.

Posted on 22nd January, 2004

Sai Ram,

Baba is ever amazing and wonderful.
Yesterday afternoon he came out before 3:00, gave car darshan and sat on the verandah until 5:00 while the boys chanted. The day before, the chanting stopped at 4:45 and bhajans started and ended at 5:10. Yesterday bhajans started at 4:40 and ended at 5:00.

However, Baba ever one to keep us on our toes, left in the car as he normally does but instead of stopping at the Poornachandra kept on going. The car moving very slowly, about 2-3 mph, proceeded to just past West 6, made a right in front of the Western Canteen, turned right onto Canteen Way as Baba headed toward the Canteen Gate. Here, it was expected that Baba was heading out into the community but no. The car turned right. It went out the Canteen Gate and made an immediate right through the Gopuram Gate. Baba reentered the hall through the center driveway. The car made a right and proceeded to the Poornachandra where Baba actually got out.
This brief drive had the seva dals and security panicking and running all over the place to provide escort, clear the way and crowd control. They all got a work out. I got a very close darshan.
Commuter Traffic: People walking between West Prasanthi 3 were delayed this morning as a group of about 10 monkies descended from one building, crossing the road and ascended the other. The delay was not serious lasting only a couple of minutes.

Posted on 21st January, 2004

Sai Ram,
The weather is beautiful. It is perfect for bathing in the bliss of the avatar. Baba is ever beautiful and unpredictable. The other day, he drove in the convertible to the hospital while fooling us waiting for his physical presence. The car came from the Poornachandra and we figured we were going to get darshan. Wrong. Just as the car came to the women's entrance, a sharp right turn was made and off Baba went along the women's wall to the shortcut to the hospital. He produced vihbuti to someone in a coma who smacked her lips as she received it.

A few hours later, she merged with him.
The morning darshans have been car darshans and then Baba would take people for interviews. Afternoon darshans have been longer. The past several days Baba has sat on the verandah for two hours listening to the boys chanting, testing some of them. It is an uplifting time. Baba enjoys these periods and our souls get bathe in the pure vibration of vedic godly sounds.
When Baba rides through in the car, you never know what is going to happen. Sometimes he takes letters from almost everyone and other times from just a select few. This morning was such a case. He was not taking any letters but one person stood up and he signaled to that person to come. He didn't take the letter from the person next to him. A little further, he called over someone so he could take his letter.
About interviews, he does select people from the crowd. Yesterday, after he arrived on the verandah and got out of the car, he sent one of his aides to get two people he had just spoken with while in the car.
The disgrace of the men does not seem to have had any lasting effects except that there are more seva dals in the front. A row of seva dals has been added in the third row facing backwards. Before and during each darshan, people are warned. The behavior of the crowd has greatly improved.
At the moment, crowds are smaller. Of course, we know that as we approach Shivaratri that the place will be filled.

Posted on 17th January, 2004
Sai Ram,
This morning darshan was a disgrace on the part of the men. I was not there as I was recovering from viral fever. I heard the same story from several men all of whom were shocked.
When Baba's car came around the curve on the men's side, the crowd rushed forward for him to bless things and take letters. Some even threw letters into the car. The entire crowd stood up from the white line to the end and rushed the car. A group of men blocked his car. Security was overwhelmed.
Baba was calm throughout the whole things. He was not injured. However, when he reached the verandah, he did his interview and left before bhajans started.
This afternoon Baba drove the same route. There was more security. The men behaved better.
We will see what happens in the future.

Posted on 14th January, 2004

Sai Ram,
Today is Sankaranthi, a harvest festival celebration in this part of India. The mandir and hall had the usual decoration plus some of the column on the mandir have a cloth with different items on it. There were also kites in the windows. This is also the time when people fly kites.
By the way, this is when the sun starts it northward journey.
Baba came out at 6:45 this morning living up to his reputation of never knowing what to expect. The car went through the women's section through the mandir to the men's section back by the women's section and onto the verandah. He didn't take any letters. Baba blessed everyone and sat in the chair a while giving great darshan. After about twenty minutes, Baba went inside.
Most people left. The red car was parked on the men's side. Ten minutes later coming through the men's gate was the white car convertible. It was obvious that Baba was going someplace.

Outside the Gopuram gate was a banner welcoming Sai Baba. It was on the road to Puttaparthi. That same road had been richly decorated.

It seems that Baba dedicated a marriage hall and performed a marriage this morning. He returned at 9:30 with bhajans continuing for another fifteen minutes before arathi. Baba left at 10:00.
The atmosphere was one of gaiety and love this morning.

It is an honor to be here to receive these blessings. The Lord of Lords is here filling the world with his grace. It is too bad there are people who would rather remain in the comfort of their mind than move forward into the spiritual. Love everyone.


Posted on 13th January, 2004

Sai Ram,

The crowd gathered early to get into the stadium for a good seat for the annual sport day events. Soon all the men’s seats were filled including the bleachers. Women had better seats as they were closer to Baba, the field and the road where the parades took place.
Sai Gita, completely decorated, led the procession bringing in Baba. A motorcycle followed with a banner saying “ Welcome Sai” with other motorcycles in formation. Baba stood in the silver convertible with the top down.
After he entered the stage with the help of a lift and sat down, a torch was lit. Two runners took it part way up the mountain underneath Hanuman where it was hoisted by wire to light a fire next to Hanuman. Above Baba was a sign that read “ Annual Sport and Cultural”.
The parade of colleges and its divisions took place. They started facing the women’s section, marched onto the road and toward Baba where they reentered the field coming to a halt facing him. They marched to the music of a band that was on the grass facing Baba.
Opening ceremonies took about an hour.
The events of the day cannot be adequately described with words. A video might do it justice. There was dancing, gymnastic, aerobics, motorcycle stunts, music, skits and other types of events. The Anantapur girls even did archery using motorcycles and bicycles.
The college boys performed the morning events while the afternoon was devoted to the Anantapur girls. Afternoon events began after Baba arrived in another procession but this time he was in the golf cart.
The temperatures in the morning were cold with the rising sun providing needed relief. In the afternoon the sun was hot enough to bake us. Sweets were provided throughout the day and water was by the Water Seva Dals.
At the end of the afternoon, Baba was escorted to the Poornachandra. An evening program of a skit about Krishna took place. Unfortunately not many people knew about it.
A remarkable feature of the day’s events was that there were no gaps in the activities. As soon as one event ended another started immediately. An example of amazing coordination and the ability to work together.

Posted on 12th January, 2004

Sai Ram,
Once again Baba is full of surprises. He came out at 7:20 driving through the women's and men's section keeping everybody guessing as to whether he was going out or staying in. Finally, he exited the car from the men's side where the college boys sit and walked up the ramp to the verandah. He stood in the center for about ten minutes giving great darshan to everyone blessing the men, the women and everyone.
Baba called the American student to him, spoke with him a bit. He had him recite Vedic chants. Baba had his father stand up. Baba produced vihbuthi for the boy and put some on his throat. He did this several times.He patted the boy and was obviously very happy with him.
He gave this boy and several others an item which was put into their pocket. What I found interesting was that, although Baba passed them out as he usually does, with two or three boys he held the item to examine it. Maybe, he was giving it a special blessing. He did the same with the one he gave to the American boy.
Baba had several pictures taken with him, the boy and his father.
The chanting had stopped and it was 8:15. It was assumed that Baba would now go to the interview room and everyone could go for breakfast. But there was a flurry of activities with microphones being set up.
Baba delivered a 70 minute discourse. The importance of the family was emphasized. Parents must encouraged their kids along the right path. Near the end, Baba called the boy up again to say that he had scored number one on the Vedic examinations. He called the father up to praise him for bringing him up right.
Baba Was very happy. He blessed everyone again.
There is a holiday known as Sankaranthi which Baba spoke about and has something to do with families.
The energy was special and intense this morning. I felt blessed and didn't want to leave but had to. It is such grace to be here receiving all this love from God in human form. He has honored me. I am grateful.