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Posted on 10th January, 2004

Sai Ram,


Tomorrow is Sports Day. It is my first and I am looking forward to it. The morning events start at 7:00 and the afternoon at about 2 or 3.
Baba came out at about seven this morning and drove through the women's and men's section twice before exiting to tour the North buildings area and go to the athletic field. At darshan, the car moved slowly with Baba taking many letters and even answering a question from someone.
At about 9:00, he came to the mandir escorted, as he was yesterday, by a motorcycle parade of about ten bikes. The lead bike had a banner that said "Welcome Sai" the second bike had a plain red flag. Behind them was the red car with Baba giving good darshan to those lucky enough to be in the area. Following was the ambulance.
Yesterday, Baba gave darshan from the verandah, even sitting in the chair for a while. He knows how to make us happy.
The energy remains special here and intense. Rumors are flying about when Baba is going to Whitefield. It is pretty certain that Shivarathri will be in Puttaparthi.


Posted on 9th January, 2004


Sai Ram,
The unexpected is always happening here. Baba usually uses the red car. Yesterday he went out in the red car and returned 10 minutes later to the mandir. A Silver car followed and backed in behind the red car. Another vehicle also came on the women's side but left. Later, Baba left in the silver SAAB to the athletic field.
Sunday is Sports Day (Not Athletic Day as I had called it). Preparations are being made. The crowd is getting a bit larger.
Baba has been going out twice in the morning and maybe once in the afternoon. The short trip in the morning is around the ashram. I find this interesting because as soon as people realize that Baba is leaving, they exit the hall in mass to line up somewhere. They become the recipients of another darshan as Baba rides by.
Darshan has been mainly by car. Sometimes he takes letters and other times he doesn't. What I find fascinating is when someone is trying to hand him a letter from the third or fourth row and Baba signals for the person to bring it to him. He has done some interviews.
The weather is cool but nice. Wednesday morning we had rain 4 to 7 a.m. period. It was just enough to keep the dust down through Sunday.

Posted on 5th January, 2004

Sai Ram,
Baba is ever wonderful. He fills everyone with love and more. As he rides by in the car, his love and blessings come through. It is a wonderful time to be here. The vibration is intense and different.
Yesterday, as Baba rode by, he blessed people as he usually does. One person who has a disability and requires help, was blessed. The caretaker took the pulse only to discover that there was none. Several doctors in the area checked her out concluding that the person was dead. Twenty minutes later, this person said " I am so happy". The person still has the disability.
Security at the ashram is heavier than I thought. There are people watching every move that people make outside throughout the ashram especially in the hall.
I failed to mention that Arthur Hillcoat, Dr Reddy and Michael Goldstein were among the five speakers that spoke before Baba gave his discourse on Christmas.

Sai Ram,

Posted on 4th January, 2004

Baba continues to be amazing. Yesterday, the Assistant Prime Minister of India came late morning. There was heavy police presence with a dog sniffing around and men with explosive detection devices. We were led in early.
At about 4:00, Baba went through the men's side and then the women's side before exiting through the center driveway. Just as he did this, five cars pull along the woman's side of the hall. It was the Assistant Prime Minister.
He and his entourage entered from the women's entrance walked down the center white line turned right at the middle and walked onto the verandah. About a minute later, Baba returns. Was this a subtle reminder of who is really in charge?
They entered the interview room along with a group of about ten women, probably relatives. At 5:00 bhajans started, about five minutes later, the women left the verandah to sit by the exit.
After arathi, Baba left. His car seemed to travel a bit faster than usual.

A minute later, as everyone was leaving, the Assistant Prime Minister and his entourage made their way to their cars.
This morning, Baba came out about 7:00. After car darshan, Baba went out the center driveway. A few minutes later, the Assistant Prime Minister and his entourage come walking in the women's entrance having left their cars behind the mandir. When they entered the mandir, Baba's car came in the hall from that very same path they had just walked.
They had another interview with the women joining them. The entourage flew back to Delhi this morning.

Posted on 3rd January, 2004

Sai Ram,
Happy Sai Ram Year

Baba seems to be busy with the preparations for Athletic Day on January 11th. He evidently is making daily or twice daily trips to watch the boys practise. Many of their stunts are dangerous, so he goes to protect them even though he can do that without being physically present.
Baba has doing car darshans by taking letters, talking to people and blessing everyone. Although the darshan have been short compared to what they have been, the intensity and love is there.
Today is January 3rd and one of the ministers from the national government is here. There is a heavy police presence.
A group of 62 Americans mostly from the East coast have arrived. More Russians continue to come. The crowd is considerably smaller.
I have concluded that one purpose of life is how we handle conflicts. No matter how loving and caring we are, there will always be conflict. The point is how we handle it. Do we listen to our ego and confront it or do we listen to God to find a loving way to harmonize it.
The evening weather has turned cooler but daytimes remain pleasantly warm.
There is a wonderful library, Shanti Library, where books on Sai Baba and other subjects can be borrowed. It is located just outside the ashram on a side street. It is a wonderful place to spend some time in their little garden.
Isaac Tigrett was here for a few days. He will be opening a new restaurant called "Bozo Hot Pit Barbecue" in Nashville, Tenn in about six months.

Posted on 1st January, 2004

Happy Sai Ram New Year,
This will be an exciting year for everyone. Only the mandir was sparsely decorated having flowers, ribbons and vertical banners saying Happy New Year in English and another language, maybe Telugu.
The crowd was tremendous rivaling birthday. As expected people lined up early and were seated early with very little breathing space.
Baba came out at 6:45 in the car going directly to the men's side. He encircled the front men's section so that the verandah was on the left. He continue going to the women's ramp where he entered the verandah.
His students had set up in the center white area. One band was setting up at the beginning onf the driveway when Baba entered. They had to rush to finish everything so that they could play.
Baba exited the car going to the railing on the women's side, As he walked, the band played what I would call classical type music. Baba remained on the women's side listening as he slowly walked toward the center. He seemed to enjoy the music. Finally, when he came to the center walk ramp, he walked down to the midst of the students. He kept listening to the music.
He walked over to where the band leader was and spoke with him. He had them play another tune and seemed to change the way they were playing it. He was very happy with the band leader as he patted him several times including once on the face. He went among the band members where he pose for pictures with them.
As Baba walked back to the verandah to his chair, we heard from another band which played more upbeat tunes. The following group sang Telugu bhajans which led to regular bhajans.

Baba who had been sitting for a bit, got up and walked around to the women's side then behind Ganesha coming out on the men's side. He spoke with people and blessed things and people.
As he was doing this, prasad was passed out to the students, vip's and a few others.
Finally, at about 8:30 it was arathi and off Baba was to the PoornaChandra.
When Baba walks there is always someone by his side, usually out of sight, to assist but mostly to help him keep his balance. At no time, does Baba ever show that he needs assistance.
The expected discourse did not materialize although it might this afternoon.
What a great way to start the new year.

Posted on 31st December, 2003

Sai Ram,


There will be no more reports this year.

Baba came out this morning at 7:00 going directly to the verandah. There was a flurry of activity of college boys bringing boxes out as he stood in the front center on the verandah. Baba walked down the ramp to stand in front of the verandah. A group of primary school boys were sitting by the center driveway were called up to where Baba personally handed them what I believed were whites. They sat down in the white center area.

He walked over to the female side to hand stuff to primary school girls.
He returned to the men's side to be surrounded by a bunch of Baba school graduates.

Baba sat in his chair. Two people spoke. The first person spoke about the contributions of graduates to the world. Anil Kumar spoke for about 20 minutes about how the glory of Baba was has spread all over the world.

Around 8:30 Bhajans started which lasted for over an hour. Baba went inside as he did interviews and went into the temple.


This afternoon we were treated to an hour and a half of Indian classical music by students from the Music College. Their teacher spoke about each student. Baba sat in his chair the whole time. At 4:30, he suddenly got up, arathi and he was gone to the PoornaChandra.

Weather is warm.

It is expected to be very crowded for the first.


Posted on 30th December, 2003

Sai Ram,
Happy Sai Ram Holiday.
The mandir and hall were decorated beautifully with angels, Santa Clause, snowflakes, wreaths and many other designs. There was a Christmas tree decorated with white balls and a candle on on both sides of Ganesh on the verandah. There were streamers on some of the columns. The center driveway was richly decorated for Baba to see as he drove by. The holiday spirit was evident. In addition, there were the usual decorations.
Many people came for the three events filling the hall. There was special seatting for foreigners. The choirs sat front-center of the mandir covering the white area. Behind them on the other side of the white line foreigners sat on the floor and those that needed chairs sat by the center driveway.
There were seva dals consisting of only foreigners for the foreigners. The regular seva dals handled everything else.
Christmas eve program started about 3:45 after Baba sat in his chair which was in the center front on the verandah.
The children choir sang for about an half hour. They were enchanting. The adult choir sang for about an hour. As they finished the first time, Baba called the director, Sylvia, to him. Baba told her to continue singing so the last three songs were repeated.
Meanwhile Baba walked around on the verandah by the railings and instructed the students to distribute prasad. They gave everyone a generous portion of small candies. As I reached to take mine out of my lap, I cried. So intense was the vibration with the candy.
Baba was in ecstacy as the choirs sang. He moved with the music. His head was back and even eyes closed at times. The love and devotion of the music and the singers came through to everyone even to God in physical form.
Christmas morning carols was at 5:40. Many carols were sung before being interrupted by the regular morning bhajans as they marched by. Baba was not physically present.
Many Indian friends said that they enjoyed the programs very much. It helped put foreigners in a more favorable light. Security was very happy with the job done by the foreign seva dals. Officials were pleased with the programs. Word is that Baba was very very happy. There were no negative comments.
Everywhere we went Merry Christmas was uttered. It was nice coming from people who were saying as a sign of respect.
On Christmas Day, at about 7:15, Baba entered the hall to begin the students celebration of Christmas. Three different groups played music and/or sang. At one point, Santa Claus came running up the driveway and distributed Candy to people on the verandah, students and a few others. One group consisted of drums and other band instruments.

A primary school group dressed as elves played the violin.
It was a fun morning to be followed by a divine discourse in the afternoon. Two days later, the decorations came down.

Posted on 28th December, 2003
Sai Ram,
This morning Baba gave car darshan and then exited to the ashram to view the North buildings. He did this at the busiest time. Most people left the hall for breakfast when Baba went inside. About ten minutes later, he is exiting the hall. I was on Canteen Street when he came.
A man driving a cart pulled by two bullocks found himself going in the direction of where Baba would be coming from. He had to turn around and was racing the animals to get out of the way of Baba's entourage which consisted of a police car, Baba's car, an ambulance and a security man on a motor bike.
The crowd was big. Baba blessed everyone. He has been going out once or twice a day. I think one of the purposes is to bless people as they line the route. It gives many people better and closer darshan than in the hall.
Monkey Business
Several foreigners were walking together. One of them had a plastic bag filled with tomatoes. An adult monkey attacked the bag ripping it open. A companion and he enjoyed several tomatoes.
A bunch of baby monkeys have been entertaining people with their antics around the well and the Gopuram Gate.

Posted on 23rd December, 2003

Sai Ram,
Preparation are proceeding for the Christmas program. The mandir-hall should be decorated today. Tomorrow Christmas and children choir. Later Christmas dinner at Western Canteen. Baba invited. One price buffet. Christmas carols on the 25th followed by music by Baba's students and a discourse in the afternoon. The choir sounds heavenly.

Baba gave special darshan today. He went directly to the verandah. When he got out of the car, he walked to the railing. Baba blessed everyone. He smiled. He held both hands up a long time and at times one hand. He faced the men for a long time and then the women. He looked at each person. It is something that I have never seen before. He was very happy.

Posted on 22nd December, 2003

Sai Ram,
This is a summary. Baba continues to give car and/or verandah darshans. He has taken letters from the men even calling men in the third or fourth row to come forward.
He has been blessing everyone with his hands and by standing-sitting for a while on the verandah.
He continues to make trips inside and outside the ashram, especially in the morning.
He showers the boys with attention.
More people are coming and the crowds are getting larger.
Christmas program will be heavenly.

Posted on 21st December, 2003

Sai Ram,
This is the Christmas program as I understand it at this time.
On Christmas Eve day, the Christmas choir will perform for about 45 minutes and the children choir will take about an half hour.
On Christmas day, at about 5:30 Christmas, The Christmas choir will perform Christmas Carols. Later on, the college boys will perform with Christmas music using a band.
In the afternoon, it is hoped that Baba will deliver his discourse.

Sai Ram,
Preparations for the Christmas program are underway. It will be a great program which will endear foreigners to Baba heart.

Baba remains mysterious.

It is 12-20-03. This morning Baba came at 7:00 drove through the women's section directly to the verandah, where after speaking with a few people, continued down the men's ramp to making a left in the middle of the men's section. He took letters from people even calling someone from the third or fourth row to bring his letter to him.
The car made more lefts until the verandah was on on the right. A right turn onto the verandah brought the car back up to the men's side where Baba exited. He walked to the front railing and gave beautiful darshan to everyone. Baba even walked over to the women's side a bit giving them a better view. He blessed everyone. Finally, after and ten to fifteen minutes of the standing darshan He sat down, a short time later he got up and spoke with some of the men and went inside.
On Friday afternoon, Baba came out about 2:45. He drove through the women's section to the men's section. When a few turns were made putting the verandah on the left, the car stopped by the walking ramp. Baba said something to a person nearby. They went running and another man came running and got into the back seat of the car.
We were convinced that Baba was leaving. Instead the car went up the women's ramp to the verandah where everyone exited. Baba went inside. At about four, Baba came out. Two college boys spoke. After which, Baba went inside. He left after bhajans and arathi.

Posted on 19th December, 2003

Sai Ram,

The Christmas program is progressing nicely. Progress is being made in all departments. It is uncertain at this point what the final program will be. Whatever it is, it will be wonderful filled with love, peace, joy and harmony.
This morning Baba came out in the car at 7:00. He proceeded to go to straight to the men's side talking to some women and a few men. He took many letters but as he rounded the curve the crowd got a bit unruly. Security had their hands full. The car made another right turn and instead of going up the men's ramp proceeded with the mandir on the left.
The question was what will happen when the car came to the middle. It went straight out the way it came in without stopping at the PoornaChandra. About five to ten minutes later, Baba returned coming up the center driveway. He went up the women's ramp where after talking to some people by the car, Baba went inside granting, what looked liked a large family, an interview.
On Thursday afternoon, Baba came at 2:45 surprising everyone. He entered the hall went to the men's side by bearing right at the center, putting men on the left and the verandah on the right. The car made a left at the ramp going further into where the men were. Baba complete circled one group of men. Baba left the hall to points inside and outside the ashram. He went by the North block but then went outside as he re-entered the hall by the center driveway via Main Road. Baba sat in his chair for over an hour and then went inside. Bhajans and arathi.
Sai Ram,

Posted on 18th December, 2003

It is the 18th with Christmas only a week away, many people are busy rehearsing, mending decorations and practicing being a seva dal to prepare for the 24th and 25th.

Invitations have been extended to Baba to attend Christmas Dinner in the Western Canteen. Foreigners continue to pour in with the numbers rising slowly. Many people working hard to please Our Lord.
Baba continues to be an enigma. He is uncertainity itself. There is no such thing as a typical darshan with security and others not knowing what to expect or how to prepare.
Thursday Morning Baba came out at 7:15 going directly to the men's side where he took many letters even encouraging people to come forward. The car took two rights to have the verandah on the left. When the car came to the center it slowed, none knew whether he was going down the center driveway or to the women's section. It was the latter. As he circled around, he spoke with several women and to some students from primary school.
What was he going to do next? We waited. He drove around more students and then it was the center driveway and to points unknown outside the ashram as he has done now for the fourth straight morning. Baba returned up this same driveway about twenty minutes later. He went inside. Darshan, arathi and Baba leaving 15 minutes later.
Wednesday afternoon Baba came about 3:30 giving beautiful darshan on the verandah. The boys chanted. He once again had the 8th grade American up in front of everyone reciting Vedic verses. Baba was pleased as he patted him on the head and cheek.
At 4:40 Baba went inside.
I didn't mention that on Tuesday afternoon three college boys spoke for about fifteen minutes each.
Sai Ram,

Posted on 17th December, 2003
Baba came out this morning at 7:15 went through the women's section to the verandah continued, after pausing to speak with some people, down the men's ramp straight making a left turn with both groups of men on each side of him. The car continued straight through the women's section and proceeded to exit. However, the car did not stop and continued to points beyond the ashram only to return about 15 minutes later coming in the women's entrance by riding along the wall.
This is the third morning that Baba has done this. I am not sure where he is going but he is keeping everybody guessing as to his actions. The master of the unexpected.
Afternoon: Baba came out at 3:50 gave a great darshan on the verandah with his standing there for about ten minutes before he sat down.
Christmas program progress continues as the three choir practice, decorations are repaired and seva dal training continues.
Sai Ram,

Posted on 16th December, 2003

The Christmas program is finally happening. At an organizational meeting today, groups broke up into choir (3 types), decoration, seva dal, and others.
There will be a children choir and adult choir on the 24th and a preseated choir in the hall for the morning of the 25th.
People will have to miss bhajans and maybe some darshan to rehearse and prepare.
There are several hundred people participating.

Sai Ram,
It is 12-16-03 and this is a summary.
The last two morning, Baba has come out early, went on the men's side not taking any letters and to the surprise of everyone went out of the ashram. I am not sure where but I think one of the schools. When He returns, Baba go inside. There are bhajans and arathi with Baba leaving about 10 to 15 minutes later.
The afternoon have been with longer darshan on the verandah with the taking of letters from students, blessing them and listening to the chanting.
It is a great time to be here as Baba is constantly blessing everyone.
One group that has been here is called Heart Valve Bank located in London. They are a receiving place for donations that go to buy heart valves for surgery performed at the Super Speciality Hospitals. The valves used to be made in England but are now manufactured in India saving a lot of money. Replacing the heart valve is the most expensive part of the operation. You can find out more about them at

Posted on 14th December, 2003
Sai Ram,


Sunday Morning: Being Sunday the area around the mandir was crowded with primary, secondary and college school boys and some girls.

You never know what to expect from Baba. He is the master of the unexpected. It is great. This morning he came at 7:00. The car went through the women's section as it normally does. It entered the verandah, slowing even more. We expected that Baba was going to get out but no. The car kept going forcing thos who sit on the verandah and on the men's ramp to move.

No one knew what to expect. As the car came off the ramp, it turned left, putting the mandir on the left. The boys moved out of the way. The car crawled to the women's side where by the ramp the car reentered the women's section as though Baba was going to exit. At the exit, the car turn right going toward the center. Security, police and others were sure that Baba was going to leave by the center driveway. They hurried about. The car, however, went straight into the men's section where two right turn brought it in front of the mandir again. The car stopped at the men's walking ramp in the center. Baba got out and walked upto the verandah.

He kept walking along the railing to the women's side where he spoke with some students, taking letters, asking questions. There was good darshan for all. After spending about twenty minutes on that side, Baba walked back to where his chair was and eventually sat down.

When in the car he spoke with some women, teachers and students, college boys gave him letters and asked questions, took a letter from darshan line and blessed everyone continously. He did the same when he was on the verandah.

Baba listened to Vedic chanting, making comments to the boys. I think the primary and/or secondary boys were doing the chanting and later the college boys joined in. At any rate, a few were doing and more joined in for a while.

After an hour, Baba went inside. There were bhajans and arathi with Baba leaving.


Saturday Afternoon: Baba came out shortly after 3:00. He went to the verandah where he gave darshan for an hour as the boys chanted and brought letters. Baba spoke with several people. At 4:40, he went inside and left after bhajans and arathi.


Posted on 13th December, 2003

Sai Ram,
Saturday Morning: Baba came out about 7:30. The car proceeded through the women's section as normal. We thought it was going straight onto the verandah. Instead when the car came to the women's ramp, it turned left and headed toward the center by the driveway. The car continue through the men's section making two right turns so that the mandir was on the left. It proceeded to the women's ramp where this time the car entered the mandir.
Baba was smiling and blessing everyone on both sides of the car. He only took one letter. The men had been told to behave themselves, which they did.
Baba went into the interview room with some people. About ten minutes later, Baba came out, went over to the men's side where he spoke with them. He was shown a book with pictures in it.
Baba went back into the interview room with more people. About 15 minutes later, he left for the PoornaChandra. Just before bhajans, he returned. After arathi, he left.
Friday Afternoon: At 3:15 Baba came and went directly to the verandah. Baba walked along the women's side giving great darshan to them. He came to his chair where he gave more standing darshan.
Baba called an American boy attending his school in the eight grade to the verandah. The boy recited Vedic chants. I understand that he did it perfectly. Baba materialized a ring for him.
Baba sat outside for a while and then went inside where he remained until after bhajans and arathi.

Posted on 12th December, 2003

Sai Ram,
Friday Morning: Baba came out about 7:30 went through the womens section to the verandah. He spent about 5 minutes standing near the car and then took a large family in for interview. Bhajans and arathi. Baba left about 15 minutes later.
Thursday Afternoon: Baba came out at 2:50 to a crowd that was not expecting him so early. The students weren't there, yet, either. The car went to the men's section, Baba took letter from a few people. As he rounded the bend the crowd became more unruly and harder to control. The police officer got verbal with many of the people. He came back and told the seva dals that they had to do a better job controlling the crowd. On Friday morning the crowd was lectured as to what was expected of them.
Baba continue in front of the mandir with it on the left. The car went to the center by the driveway where it stopped for a while. It then moved through the women's section as though he was leaving from the verandah.
Baba did leave through the women's exit but continued going. He went to Canteen Way and exited the ashram that way. I believe the stopping and then going through the women's section was a delaying tactic to give the police and security time to make security and traffic arrangements.
About 30 minutes later Baba returned through the center driveway to the verandah.

He walked along the railing on the women's side to the center giving good darshan and blessing everyone. He sat down, looked at letters, and other things while the boys chanted. around 4:40 he went inside. Bhajans and arathi. Baba left about ten minutes later.
Thursday morning: Baba came out at 7:50. The car seemed like it was going to the men's section but stopped at the first row just inside the hall. The car turned right just barely. He had to back up to complete the turn. When Baba got to the verandah, he spoke with a few people and then went inside. Bhajans and arathi.

Wednesday Afternoon: Baba came out at 4:00 driving to the men's side where he took several letters. The car went up the men's ramp. Baba went inside. Bhajans and arathi. Baba left 15 minutes later.

Posted on 10th December, 2003

Sai Ram,
Wednesday Morning: Baba came about 7:30 went through the men's section without taking anything onto the verandah where he went inside. Bhajans and arathi. Baba left about ten minutes later.
Tuesday Afternoon: Baba came out about 3:00. He sat in the chair until about 4:30. The boys recited vedic chants, brought letters to him and received blessings. One boy as he was sharing his request received materialized vihbuti on his forehead by Baba. Bhajans and arathi. Baba left shortly thereafter.
Sai Ram,

Posted on 9th December, 2003


Tuesday Morning: Baba came out at 7:30 went to the men's side but neither he nor his assistant took any letters. The car went around the men going in front of the mandir. It proceeded to go near the women's ramp but turned right to go through the women's section as though he was going to exit. When he came to the exit, the car turned right heading towards the men.

Security and others thinking that Baba was going to exit through the center driveway, made a scramble to open the gates and provide security. However, as the car approached the center a right was made. Baba proceeded to go to the verandah.

The car stopped at the interview room where Baba got out and proceeded there.

Bhajans and arathi with Baba leaving shortly thereafter.
Baba was blessing everyone as he rode around the hall.

Monday Afternoon: Baba came out at 4:00. On the verandah, he sat in the chair until 4:40 giving good darshan to all. He went inside. Bhajans and arathi as Baba left in the car.
An interesting story: An older gentlemen who had had two marriages, children and many girlfriends told me that upon seeing how happy and peaceful it was here decided he wanted that. He took an internal vow of celibacy. He feels free for the first time in his life. He is happy, very happy.
Sai Ram,

Posted on 8th December, 2003

Monday Morning: Baba came out at 7:00 going through the women's section directly to the verandah. He went inside apparently doing interviews and returned to the PoornaChandra 10 minutes after bhajans and arathi.
Sunday Afternoon: Baba went to the verandah through the women's section. The car stopped in its usual place but Baba didn't get out. Next thing we knew was that the car was inching forward and exited from the men's ramp where it made a sharp left putting it between the mandir and the boys sitting on the floor.
When the car got to the center white tile, it made a right turn to exit through the center driveway. Baba went outside the ashram. At this point, I am not sure where he went. He returned about twenty minutes later up the same drive way to the verandah.
Baba sat listening to chanting, taking letters and blessing the boys. At 4:40, Baba went inside and went to the Poorna Chandra after bhajans and arathi.
Other News:
Sunday morning excitement was caused by a fire at 8:45 at the Sai Krishna Hotel, between the Ganesh Gate and Museum Road, with black smoke rising straight up. Men were on the roof with buckets of waters I am not sure what was burning but the hotel is still standing. The fire was put out quickly.

Baba's car is escorted by 6 men dressed in white and a police officer. When the car reaches the women's entrance, one man on each side continues with the car. Meanwhile, the four men in white race along the PoornaChandra to enter the hall through the center driveway where they wait for the car. When the car enters the men's section, these four guys will walk squatting along with the car. The police officer walks the same route they did and behind the car.
Christmas preparations are underway with the moving of Christmas decorations in boxes to a shed where they will be repaired for hanging on December 23rd.
This is for all countries, particularly the United States. Bring your country scarf. Most countries are doing this. However, almost no one from the United States brings theirs. There appears to be very few Americans here because of this factor. Bring extra. There are many Americans who do not have one.


Posted on 7th December, 2003

Sai Ram,

Sunday Morning: The excitement of the uncertainity of Baba was evident today. The car came about 7:10 and sat for about 10 minutes before Baba came. It proceeded straight to the men's side. Stopping twice for Baba to speak with some ladies. On the gents side many tried to hand letters to Baba, some were successful. A man from Russia handed to Baba directly a large bunch of items that looked like letters and a notebook. Two men were successful in speaking with Baba directly from the darshan line. Others gave letters.
The car made it two rights and just when we thought it was going to go in front of the verandah, the car proceeded up the men's ramp. It came to a stop. Baba spoke with some people from the car on the verandah.

Meanwhile, many people thinking darshan was over, left for breakfast as it was now about 7:40. About five minutes or more later, the car started moving. At first people thinking the driver is moving the car as he often does. It took a minute or so to realize that the guards were moving with the car. Therefore Baba was in it and on the move. The car went down the women's ramp and made a hard right so that the mandir was now to the car's right. Baba talked to students that were there.
The car stopped at the walk up ramp on the men's side. Baba got out of the car, talked with college students and others. He seemed to be in no hurry. He took letters, answered questions and spoke with several people. After about 5 to 10 minutes, he walked up the ramp with very little assistance.
He spoke with the men sitting on the men's side of the verandah. He took letters, and answered questions. He proceeded to walk to the women's side slowly. He used the railing but mostly he walked by himself. On the women's side of the verandah, he spoke with primary school children who were seated next to the verandah. A few of them came over, one or two at a time, in what appeared to be them asking for help. I believe Baba tested two boys to see if they knew something.
Baba walked among the men seated there repeating what was said earlier. He then proceeded to walk to his chair which was men's side just past the center mark. He sat down. The boys chanted.
At 8:40, Baba went inside. There were bhajans and arathi with Baba leaving 15 minutes later.

Today was special. There was unique vibrations. Baba took his time with everything he did. He gave great darshan and made sure everyone got to see him and was blessed.
Saturday Afternoon: We were meeting in the PoornaChandra because the Bal Vikas children of Singapore were putting on their version of the story of Valmiki and the Ramayana. Just before 3:00, Baba came out from behind the curtain, took the lift down and sat in the center of the orchestra pit with VIP's on both sides.
The performance consisted of 32 players. After 40 minutes, when the play was finished, additional people joined on stage to assist in singing bhajans. This lasted another twenty minutes.
At the end, Baba came on stage, walking mostly by himself. He gave the boys wristwatches and cloths to make whites. He gave the girls wristwatches and saris, some of them were silk. People who were not actors were called to the stage to receive gifts.
Pictures were taken of this huge crowd surrounding Baba. They conducted arathi to Baba with him being surrounded with by them. They continued to surround him even after arathi for about ten minutes. Baba left.
The Singapore group, 70 , changed, packed, ate and took a bus at 6:30 to catch their flight home from Bangalore at midnight.
This was a special evening because it was the first time I had seen Baba allowing himself to be completely surrounded by people without any of his normal support people next to him. This must have been a very special group.


Posted on 6th December, 2003

Sai Ram,
Saturday Morning: The car came to the PoornaChandra at 7:15. The suspense mounted as we waited past 10 minutes. Finally, Baba came in his red chariot. He continued straight to the men's side where he took a large envelope from an elderly resident. He took a few other letters. The car continues to circle around until it went in front of and next to the verandah.
It proceeded toward the center white tile where it once again went to the center and exited out of the women's side.
Ten minutes later, Baba returned riding as he usually does through the women's section onto the verandah. He spoke with some people as he was exited the car and standing by the car door. Some people were called for interview. They all went inside.
There were bhajans and arathi. Ten minutes later Baba left.
Friday Afternoon: The anticipation increased as the afternoon went on. It was with relief as the red car carrying God made its entrance. The car went to the men's side, along the mandir and throught the women's section to exit. The car stopped at the entrance to the PoornaChandra.
The hall emptied out quickly as most people went for tiffin. About 10-15 minutes later, catching everyone by surprise, Baba returned. He had made a quick trip to the Music College.
Baba went inside. Bhajans started immediately, many of the college boys were in the temple. At 5:30 there was arathi and off into the twilight sky went Baba.

Posted on 5th December, 2003

Sai Ram,

The vibrations here continue to be intense, Baba is more wonderful than ever and this is a great time to be here.

Singapore will do a epic play late Saturday afternoon, change and pack to head to the Bangalore airport to catch a midnight flight home.


Friday Morning; Baba came out at 7:10 in the car. It went very slowly. Baba spoke with two women as he went with the white line toward the men's section. He took letters from the men and even spoke with one man, I think staff, at length.

He went toward the mandir and in front of it. For a moment, we thought Baba was getting out to walk up the ramp. but the car continued. It went straight to the exit on the women's side.

Baba blessed everyone.

The hall emptied out quickly leaving only a few people.

Ten minutes later, Baba came in the car going down the center driveway as though he was going outside the ashram. But he didn't. He went on Canteen Drive someplace, returning in front of the Poorna Chandra. He came into the Hall going to the verandah. He conducted an interview.

There was bhajans and arathi with Baba leaving at 9:50.


Thursday Afternoon: Baba came out at 3:20 went into the men's section taking letters. The car went between the men and the verandah until it came to the white center tile. There it pulled away from the verandah heading toward the middle of the women's section when the car went up the women's ramp onto the verandah.

We saw Baba briefly as he went into the interview room. There were bhajans and arathi. A few minutes later Baba left.


Posted on 4th December, 2003

Sai Ram,
Thursday Morning: Baba came out at 7:15 and went to the verandah through the ladies side. While still in the car, Baba spoke with several people. We were wondering whether he was even going to get out. He did. He gave great darshan.
Baba walked to the front of the verandah where is chair is and stood by the railing. He said something to someone in white who ran to the men's side near the driveway. This is where a group of Bal Vikas from Malaysia were sitting. Two boys about age of ten were selected to go to Baba.
He spoke with them. They went up the white line through the women's section to some women from Malaysia. Two older women came up to Baba to have a conversation with him. Then they all sat down.
Baba went inside where he held a group interview for an Italian group. He exited in the car after bhajans and arathi.
Wednesday Afternoon: Baba made his appearance at 3:30 going directly to the verandah through the women's side. He went inside to come out at 4:20 giving good darshan. He went inside before bhajans and left after arathi.


Posted on 3rd December, 2003

Sai Ram,

Wednesday Morning: Baba came out at 7:15 in a car that moved very slowly, went to the men's side, took several letters made two right turns to drive in front of the verandah and next to it. Baba continued to the women's side where instead of going up the ramp made two rights in the women's section and a left to exit. By 7:30 Baba was back in the Poorna Chandra.
The hall emptied out as people went for breakfast and to do other things. Just before 8:00 with a mostly empty hall, Baba returned. However, Baba did not give darshan. He went inside.
Bhajans at 9 and arathi with Baba leaving about ten minutes later.
Tuesday Afternoon: Baba surprised everyone by coming out at 2:50 to a partly filled hall. He went to the men's side, in front of the verandah to the women's side through them as though he was leaving. Instead, the car came back toward the center where a left was made to exit using the center driveway.
Some people thought that Baba was going to pay a visit to the marriage hall where a wedding was going on but instead he went to the General Hospital for a surprised visit to staff and patients.
Twenty minutes later, Baba returned by way of the back roads leading to the driveway outside of the women's side of the hall. He returned and went straight to the verandah. He sat for a while in the chair while the boys chanted. Bhajans and arathi. Baba left.

Posted on 2nd December, 2003

Sai Ram,
Tuesday Morning: Baba came about 7:15 and went through the ladies side to the verandah. The car went to the men's side more than usual. We thought the car was going to continue down the ramp to the men's side but it stopped. Baba stayed in the car talking to someone for about five minutes.
The car backed up toward the women's sections stopping where the enterance to the interview room is. Baba got out. He went inside did interviews. Bhajans and arathi with Baba returning to the Poornachandra.
There is going to be a wedding on an Indian living in America to an Indian from Singapore in the temple in Puttaparthi. Word is that Baba will not be there.
Monday Afternoon: Baba came at 3:30. He sat in the chair until 4:40 with the boys chanting and receiving letters. Good darshan. when he went inside the boys continue chanting until 5:00 when they switched to bhajans and arathi. Baba went to the Poornachandra.

Posted on 1st December, 2003

Sai Ram,


Monday Morning: Baba remains unpredictable. I just love him that way. Only God can do what he does ands still have everyone loving him even more. His smile and blessings are worth a thousand OMs.
At 7:10 Baba came in the car. He went straight to the men's side going slower the usual. He blessed everyone and even took a few letters. He went as though to go up the men's ramp but proceeded to go along the verandah until the women's side where the car proceeded as though it was going to exit. When it got to the exit, it turned right, heading back to the men's side except when it came to the center driveway, it went left and exited the ashram. I do not know where he went.
About 15 to 20 minutes later, Baba returned throught the Canteen Gate and went to the Poorna Chandra. At 9:00 he return to the mandir, only to go into the temple where bhajans were going on. He left at 9:30 after arathi.
Sunday Afternoon: Baba came out at 3:30 going to the men's side where he turned right twice to drive along the verandah. The car stopped by the first walk ramp where Baba got out of the car to walk up the ramp to the chair where he sat down. 

I didn't mention this yesterday but he did the same thing on 11-29-03 in the afternoon. That was the first time.) The boys chanted while Baba took letters and listened. At 4:30 In went inside. The boys continued chanting until 5:00 when they switched to bhajans. Baba left as arathi was being sung.

Posted on 30th November, 2003

Sai Ram,
Sunday Morning: Baba came out at 8:00. The car went to the men's side where he even took a letter that was handed to him by a devotee. The car went up the men's ramp. Baba went into the interview room where he saw some people. Bhajans and arathi. Baba left about 10 minutes later.
Saturday Afternoon: Baba came out at 4:00. The car went onto the men's side up the ramp onto the verandah. He went inside. At 4:30 he sat in the chair where we had good darshan for 30 minutes. At 5:00 he went inside. Bhajans and arathi. Baba Left at 5:30

Posted on 29th November, 2003

Sai Ram,

Saturday Morning: Baba came out at about 8:00. The car went to the men's side entered the verandah from there. Baba went into the interview room and remained there until after bhajans and arathi at 9:30.

When he came in the car he blessed everyone. It was nice.


Friday Evening: Baba came out about 4:00, blessed everyone as the car drove through the women's side and men's side to enter verandah. He went inside. Bhajans were at 5 and arathi at 5:30

On Thursday the Chief Minister was here. News reports are that he has pledged money and help to improve the village and surrounding area including infrastructure. He will also build a girls school here and extend the water project to include villages that are not presently included.


Posted on 28th November, 2003

Sai Ram,

Friday Morning: At 8:10 Baba came in the car to the menís side. When he came to the menís ramp, the car went along the verandah with the mandir on the left. There were no people in the center and small crowd elsewhere. He went to the womenís side by the driveway and the white tile. He selected about 10 women who went to sit near the womenís ramp. The car went near the mandir and exited through the womenís section as it normally does.
Bhajans started at 9:00 to a sparse crowd. At 9:15 Baba returned. When arathi was finished, those women were called in. It was over at about 9:50 with Baba leaving shortly thereafter.
The Italian Group connected with cooking and serving in the Western Canteen were given a group interview at 7:00 this morning that lasted over an hour. Baba materialized a necklace of some sort and was very happy.
Thursday Afternoon: Baba came out after 4:00 giving great darshan as he sat there and the boys chanted. The boys went into the temple about 4:45 continuing their chanting. Baba left at 5:15. Bhajans started at that time and ended at about 5:50.


Courtesy: SaiNews