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Posted on 16.12.2003

Sai Ram,

This was sent by a USA devotee presently staying at the Ashram. This is very  interesting and heart warming that Bhagavan is responding to our prayer to  walk among us again.

Take care and God bless!


Om Sai Ram

On every one of the last 10 days I've been in PN, Swami seemed to asked for the same two things:

1- For us to learn to Love His Uncertainty, and
2- For us to learn the Vedas.

Every new day Swami surprised us with a different "trick"! It has been fun here: very few people and great, fulfilling darshans with Baba playing leelas and giving us so much attention!

Everyday He gives us a completely different darshan. Every new day He takes a different way in,  around and out of the Darshan Hall. The other day he came in the Hall, went around it, and went out, back to His house. That morning, most devotees thought darshan was over, and left the Darshan Hall. But darshan wasn't over! Swami returned after 10 minutes, and proceeded with another turn around the Hall, interviews, bhajans and so on!

The day after that, looked like He was going to do the same: He came in the car, went round the Hall, and left for His house. Many people (who had not learn form the day before) left the Darshan Hall. But Swami came back again after less than 10 minutes! Only this time, instead of proceeding to the veranda, He left again from the big South Gate. Now most people were convinced that this time He wouldn't be back, so the great majority left. Not 10 minutes passed... the Darshan Hall was allmost empty... and... there He was again, coming from His house gate again! He came in laughing so much, with a "naughty" Krishna expression on His face! He made us all- who were still there- laugh so much too!  Everyday He will play a different one. "Love my Uncertainty", seems to be the message.

Now, about the Vedas. Almost everyday, instead of Darshan Music and Bhajans, we listen to Veda chanting. Live. Swami comes in while the priests are chanting the Vedas. While He is in the Interview Room the Veda chanting continues. Later, He will sit on the chair for sometime and listen to the Vedas. Vedas, vedas, vedas...

Some parts of it we know how to sing along. For instance, its easy when they chant "Shivaya Namaha, Babaya Namaha," etc., to respond "Shiva Lingaya Namaha, Baba Lingaya Namaha", etc. But that is pretty much what overseas devotees seem to know how to chant. One really fells he is not participating as much as he could. One wishes he could chant the Vedas too, and be a more active part of it all.

I look around and observe some Indians who know it. Some carry little booklets -written in Telugu- with them to darshan, and they read it and chant along. I wish I had one of those in English, with the pronunciation and meaning of those Vedas. If any of you know know where I could that from, please let me know. That is all they let you take in for darshan now, those booklets with prayers or Vedas, or tiny mini Githas. No books allowed inside anymore. And no letters, no papers of any kind.

But Bhagawan does take letters from the men in the veranda. They are allowed to carry letters. And some people -mostly men- somehow manage to sneak letters in, and Bhagwan many times accepts them.

Students are allowed to take letters too. They place all their letters in a silver tray. Sometimes Baba asks for the tray, and picks some of the letters. The other day He asked for the tray while sitting on the chair during bhajans (wich were not bhajans, were Veda-chanting). Then He opened and read those letters, slowly slowly, one by one. It was so sweet.

Only when Swami sits on the chair is that He makes those circular motions with His hands, and "writes on air". Because when He is standing He is almost always holding somebody's arm, or the veranda rails, or the car door. But the other day He was walking by Himself-and surprisingly fast too!

Another day He not only stood up and walked... he also gave darshan from 7:30 to 9:30, non-stop!

He has been giving us so much attention! Well, of course He always  does, but what I mean is, He has been spending a lot of time in the Hall, and, by going round and round with the car like that, He allows everyone to get a good close look at Him. He is also giving many interviews. Sometimes during darshan He went out (with the car) on the streets. So even people outside the Ashram are getting darshan. I was out the other day when He went until the Music School and back, and the car was going really slowly, so people on the street got a real good car darshan.

Right now is just like a dream come true - to be able to attend darshan sitting so close to Him and so comfortably... but my guess is, new like this are going to start spreading, and the Ashram pretty soon will get crowded again.

Jay Sai Ram