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78th Birth Day Celebrations


Lovingly consented by Prahlad Rao

Date: 25/11/2003

Subject: Baba 78th Birth Day Celebrations- 23rd November 2003, Morning Darshan at Prashanti Nilayam:

Sai ram to all,

I wish to share my Joy with you all about my trip to Parthi to attend
Bhagawan Baba's 78th Birth Day Celebrations on 23rd November 2003.

I Reached PuttaParthy on 22nd November 2003, evening by 7.00pm. Stayed with a friend inside Prashanti Nilayam.

Woke up at 3.15 am and me and my friend Murali Krishna Got ready by 4.30am for Darshan. Joined Darshan Q at Shopping Complex. By the time, we reached near Sarva Dharma Stupa around 5.30am. The Q moment stopped. Veda Chanting, and Nagara Sankeertana processions are Going round Swamy's Abode.

My friend Murali Krishna narrated his 1st encounter of Swamy's Leela in the Divya Ksetram at Kanpur Mr.Behl's House way back in 1992..

After 6.00am the Q-Line moving. But by the time we reached Ganesh statue, Q was broken. Sai Kulwant Hall is Full and no more entry. Me and Murali Krishna walked towards the Sai Kulwant Hall gates. People standing out side Sai Kulwant Hall. Oh! we missed the chance to enter into Sai Kulwant Hall. We told to ourselves that It happened because we slept more and wake-up one hour late.

I tried to get an entry into Sai Kulwant Hall referring my connection to
SSSIHL as a Guest speaker in the Past. But I was not allowed, nor did I see anyone from SSSIHL who can recognize me. Hence Settled down outside the gate of Sai Kulwant Hall, saying that let me feel Swamy's presence  being here outside. Later some Q-Managers came and started sending more members into Sai Kulwant Hall. But as people were unruly, and started pushing each other, they refused all. They allowed parents who came with children, and old people in side Hall, and they picked few one by one and sent them inside. Oh! Swamy picked me up too, and allowed me to enter Sai Kulwant Hall. Got Nice Seat at Upper side of extreme left-side mens Isle.

TVs are arranged in the Hall. I aligned my-self to able to watch a TV set from a distance. Around 7.15 am Started Band Music, indicating that BhagaWan is Coming into the Hall. Girls Band team entered Sai Kulwant Hall. Fixed eyes to a TV screen. Sai Bhagawan sat on Sofa on the slowly Moving Platform, Bhagawan came to the center of Hall. He is now visible to me from where I sat. Now I Started Looking towards Swamy leaving TV set's help.

Bhagawan in his Cart slowly came till the end of Mens Isle, took a right U turn. Now I am able to have a close Darshan of Bhagawan. He is radiating cool rays, and very pleasing expression on face, with Both Hands blessing all, his hand are spread horizontally forward, and slowly moving them up-down in blessing posture, It is a different type of Abhaya hasta, which I never saw from Bhagawan. After U-turn his cart went up onto the raised platform, crossed it, and went towards Ladies isle. Then it took an U-turn, came in front of Band troup. Halted for a while. Then slowly came towards the Mens Isle again. Oh ! Swamy is coming again towards us. This time with more and more blessings, and a very very loving and cool expression on his face, and lots and lots of blessings and Love flowing out. He blessed seeing towards, where I am sitting. I felt very happy and Lucky to get this boon today from Swamy. I did not expect first to be able sit inside Sai Kulwant Hall, in the morning. I am very Lucky to get swamy’s blessings today being able to sit inside Sai Kulwant Hall.

Swamy later Sat on the Dias. Anil Kumar came and anounced about 3 speakers. one is the Retired Chief Justice of Supreem Court of India named Bhagavati, then Goldstein, and One EHV Guru from Taiwan (Name I did not remember. He is doing his Ph.D at the age of 62 years, on Morality Change through EHV Education). Goldstein, spoke advising all of us to cope-up, and undergo the Changes swamy want to bring in us at a Faster pace.

Swamy spoke on the need of Satya Dharma Shanti & Prema in our Lives, as 4 pillers of Life. Without these pillers, no matter whatever position or wealth you earn, it is of no value. Swamy narrated about the Hardship he underwent in his child hood, because he was a different from a Normal Child. He said his brother in those days has not believed his divinity, and respected his brother as a Swamy in those days.

Swamy spoke about Mother Easwaramma. Mother Easwaramma ‘s name was Gangamma. Her name was changed to Easwaramma, during swamy’s Naming Ceremony. Mother Easwaramma though not well educated, but was an Ideal Mother, and due to her noble ness, and prayers, The Lord was born to her. He explained the importance of a Good mother. He told the role of PutliBhai in mending Gandhi. Good parents mend Children to be Good, and every Mother has a bigger role to play in bringing up Children to be good.

He explained legendary history of Puttaparthy. There was a Snake, that used to drink cow's milk in puttaparthy. When people killed it, it gave a Curse that the Gollalu will not live in this Village. Hence all migrated to other places.

Swamy said that You (all) and I are one and the same.

He blessed all to live for 100 years. He introduced people who lived 100 years in his presence. He said who ever stays & drinks Puttaparthy water will live 100 years..

Swamy spoke for long time till 10.15am. Later He introduces Hanumatha Rao, Chairman of Andhra Bank, and some people who use to send all fruits from their Garden to Prashanti Nilayam..

After conclusion Prasadam Laddu Packets were distributed to all.

There were Huge Crows came to attended Swamy's Birth day Celebrations.

It is very nice to be here in Puttaparthy during this Holy time & celebrations. Thank you BhagaWan for giving me this opportunity to attend this Celebration at Puttaparthy.

Jai SaiRam

Prahlada RAo.


Courtesy: SaiNews