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Om Sai Ram!

A short but very vivid account of Swami just before Ram Navami. (Account by
a Sai sister from USA presently living in the ashram.)

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Take care and SAI's blessings always!


Here all is going on fine. Swami is coming as usual, morning and evening. Sometimes after morning Darshan He returns to the Poornachandra, then comes again for morning bhajans. In the evening, He has been coming about 3 PM on most days, sitting for some songs by the boys or just going into the interview room. Later He starts bhajans - often it is before the 5 PM official time. He looks wonderful as usual, smiling a lot. He is still coming in the car & walking with a limp on the verandah, often with support, holding an assistant's hand, but often too, just supported by holding onto the railing as He walks.

I saw the Sivarathri video sold inside the ashram, and am impressed with the editing job by the boys! There is not a single glimpse of the car, and not a single moment that Swami holds anyone's hand for support. He just appears sitting in the chair and then appears again, standing up holding the rail - nothing of what happens in-between. Likewise, there is not a glimpse of how He was practically carried into the interview room, totally exhausted, after lingodbhava. Those scenes will only be seen in our memories.

A friend wrote me from Brindavan, that Mrs. Ratanlal is there now and Swami is expected to arrive there on the 31st. (Mrs. Ratanlal, of course, cooks for Him there. She has been here all along and He always sends her to Whitefield a few days before He arrives there.) Other reliable sources, too, agree that He is going there on the 31st.

Sri Ram Navami is on the 30th Tuesday.