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How I met Baba


I was one of those "haters of Swami" 31 years ago, when my wife brought Swami's photo into my house, after our marriage.  The very first thing I did (I would understand if anyone of you wish to throw a stone at me) was to throw Swami's photo (Today it is decorating my Pooja Room). 

I did not think of Swami for 20 years and would even prevent other devotees from visiting Him. I always thought that our Dear Lord was always for the rich and the plentyful. 

In 1994, while I was in Airforce Service ( Pilot by profession), I got the chance to visit Puttaparthy along with the then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao (By this time, I was mentally tuned to accepting Swami with reservations), for the 70th Birthday celebrations. 

My wife who had seen Swami when she was 12 years of age, told me that I must get a photo with Swami (she was still thinking about her days - the way Swami was available to devotees, then). I told her that it may be very difficult as I understand that there would be huge crowds now. 

Anyway a team of 10 Airforce Officials and two airhostesses along with the then Prime Minister, arrived at Puttaparthy late in the evening.  A superintendent of Police (fairly high official) was our escort.  He told us that he would try and take us for darshan, but cannot assure, as there were huge crowds and he does not have any say, since Seva Dal control the whole proceedings. 

When we arrived at the Asram, MS Subbalakshmi's program was going on in Poornachandra Hall and we were told that there is absolutely no chance of our getting inside. We were still in our Airforce Uniforms and even telling them that we have come as part of the Prime Minister's team, did not help. The Seva Dal team refused to oblige.   

The Superintendent of police apologised for his inability to do anything in the matter and said that he would try to take us for the morning darshan, but we told him that we would be off to Trivandrum with the Prime Minister in the morning and our duty schedule did not permit us, to come for morning darshan. 

Dejected that we were, we started walking towards the Ganesh Gate from the Men's canteen area, and suddenly a seva dal came and just said "make way, make way" and told us to follow him. 

Can you believe, he guided us right through the Poornachandra Hall crossing the Full hall capacity crowd, and put us on the floor right behind Swami along with some MPs and others. 

Brother Ramu tells us about crossing 3 security gates !. Here not only we crossed the entire hall of jam packed devotees, but also found ourselves right next to Swami.

The impossible has happened. 

What happened next ?  

I promise the "will of the Lord" will continue in my next email. 

sai pranams.


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